019: Forte

This week, our forte is news on a Sublevel Zero beta patch, and instructions on how to properly use a pun.

Sublevel Zero beta build: http://steamcommunity.com/games/327880/announcements/detail/969770509820116717

Descent Rangers: http://www.descentrangers.com

The Observatory: http://roncli.com/gaming/the-observatory

Descent Champions Ladder: http://www.descentchampions.org

Fists of Heaven: http://www.fistsofheaven.com

Highlight of the Week: Cyrus 26, Morfod 24, Crimson: http://descentchampions.org/view_match.php?id=8439

Thanks to Roncli for providing us with our awesome music! http://soundcloud.com/roncli

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